Refresh your skin with a peel! We offer chemical peel skin treatments that are perfect for anyone from first time peelers to regulars.

WiQo Derm Perfexion is our best-selling skin care product! NO DOWN TIME and nearly instant results. Learn more about WiQo Derm Perfexion now.

The Glo-N-Go peel by Jan Marini is also very popular. We recommend this quick 30 minute peel if you’re looking for a skin refresh that leaves you glowing with no down time.

You may also be interested in the other services we offer, like Botox or a photo facial or skin care products such as the faceLITE.

Jan Marini & Epionce Peels

Ranging from mild, medium, and strong.

We recommend starting with a mild peel and working up to stronger peels.


The Jan Marini Glo-N-Go is a mild lunchtime peel with little to no downtime that still delivers beautiful results.

Lite Peel Refreshe

A great option for first-time “peel” clients. Less potent than others, but lets you get a feel for what a peel is and determine how your skin may react.


The Sal-E peel is the medium ground between a Lite peel and a Mal-E peel.


The Mal-E peel is a medical-grade peel.


Classic Relaxation Facial




Jan Marini Peels

$75 – $250



Lite-Refresh, Sal-e, or Mal-e


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